Cooling Tower Water Treatment System 101

Running a business today cannot be imagined without an excellent HVAC system. Whether you’re in production or hospitality, creating a comfortable interior environment is absolutely essential to keep the work going and morale high. To that end, cooling towers are a prime choice.

However, they are a significant investment, whether you’re buying or renting, which means you shouldn’t rush into either. Fortunately, that’s what this guide is all about. Here’s everything you need to know about cooling tower water treatment systems before you opt for Move and Cool rentals in San Diego.

What is a water treatment system in cooling towers?

Even with all the knowledge and production possibilities available today, there is no such thing as flawless tech. Cooling systems are subjected to natural processes that can and will foul them and decrease their efficiency, especially after prolonged use.

Over time, microbiological deposits, scale, dirt, mud, and grime will accumulate inside, causing the cooling system to operate at a fraction of its capacity. When that happens, both the comfort offered and ROI will start to plummet and it will be a telltale sign that your cooling tower needs a water treatment system.

A water treatment system, as the name suggests, serves to remove said impurities from the water in your cooling tower. In the process, it also helps reduce the risk of corrosion and foaming, thus vastly increasing the effectiveness and longevity of the cooling system as a whole.

What does a water treatment system include?

In general, water treatment systems improve the quality of water making it suitable for an end-use. The exact components of your system will vary based on specific requirements, but typically consist of the following units:

  • Purification/Clarification;
  • Filtration and/or Ultrafiltration (UF);
  • Softening and Ion Exchange;
  • Chemical Feed System;
  • Side-stream Filtration;
  • Monitoring unit.

As you may already tell, the complete apparatus can be incredibly complex. Therefore, it is best to consult with experienced professionals to find out exactly what type of system you’ll benefit from the most.

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What does a water treatment system control?

A water treatment system makes water safe to use in cooling towers by controlling the various chemical properties, including:

  • Alkalinity (pH value) is the capacity of water to neutralize acids. Controlling the pH value reduces the potential for calcium carbonate scale buildup;
  • Chlorination eliminates microorganisms (parasites, bacteria, and viruses), as well as algae, all of which can cause the cooling tower components to foul and/or corrode;
  • Water Hardness refers to the mineral content in the water. A high amount of minerals (calcium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates) can be responsible for scale buildup in cooling towers and on water heaters.

By controlling said properties, a water treatment system eliminates many detrimental factors that can compromise the cooling towers’ integrity, lifespan, and overall efficiency. Therefore, it’s an essential and irreplaceable component.

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