Important Terms About Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are essential for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, as they supply the necessary cooling for the variety of processes. As your capacity increases, or as you experience a sudden increase in operations, you might require a portable cooling tower rental for your company in San Diego. This is when it’s time to get familiar with the most important terminology about this subject.

What are the most common terms about cooling towers?

The biggest problems business owners face when they need to rent a supplemental cooling tower to provide additional cooling for their industrial processes is lack of general knowledge about cooling towers. That’s why it’s important to learn more about their basic terms: portable cooling tower rental in San Diego

  • Approach: This relates to the differences in temperature between the wet-bulb and the water that exists the tower. It fixes the temperature at which the cooling tower operates, which makes it one of the vital parameters when selecting a tower to rent.
  • Bleed off: This is the water that circulates within the tower and gets discharged into waste to assist in keeping the levels of dissolved solids below the maximum allowed limit. As water evaporates, the concentration of dissolved solids increases unless continually reduced by the bleed-off process.
  • Biocide: This is a chemical for controlling the amount of potentially harmful microbes by eliminating them.
  • Blowdown: This is water that the process purposely discharges to maintain the concentration of different impurities, including salt.
  • BTU: British Thermal Units, or BTUs, refer to the amount of heat energy necessary for increasing the temperature of a single pound of water for a single degree Fahrenheit, ranging from 32 to 212 degrees.
  • Cooling range: This refers to the temperature difference between the cold water that leaves the tower and the hot water that enters the tower.
  • Dissolved solid: This number represents the total amount of solids dissolved into liquid form. They can be both polar and ionic.
  • Drift: This is water present in the airflow that gets discharged into the atmosphere. It doesn’t refer to the water lost in the process of evaporation. Good tower design minimizes drift losses.
  • Heat exchanger: This is a device used for transferring heat between two substances. This transfer can be direct, for example in the cooling tower itself, or indirect, for example in the tube condenser and the shell.
  • Heat load: This term describes the heat removed from water that’s circulating in the cooling tower. Heat load equals GPM, or water circulation rate multiplied by cooling range times 500. The unit for heat load is BTU/hr.
  • Makeup: This describes how much water is necessary to replace losses from evaporation, drift, and bleed-off.
  • Pumping head: This term refers to the pressure necessary to pump water from the basin, throughout the system, and back into the top of the cooling tower.
  • Wet bulb: This is the theoretical lowest temperature of the water through evaporation. portable cooling tower rental San Diego

Who provides high-quality portable cooling tower rental in San Diego?

Learning more about the most common terminology associated with cooling towers is just the first thing you should know before you rent one for your business. First, get familiar with what cooling towers are and how they work. Then, delve deeper into the matter by investigating the different types of cooling towers available and finding one suitable for your business. Finally, explore the different ways you can optimize your cooling tower operations.

In the end, it’s time to find a reputable company to rent your tower from. That’s when you should contact Aerco Systems. We offer different types of portable cooling towers that will suit your specific requirements. It doesn’t matter if your commercial or industrial property is in Mount Hope or another location in or near San Diego. We’re here to install your cooling tower, optimize it, and remove it at the end of the rental period. Give us a call today!