Essential Components of Cooling Towers

Portable cooling towers provide the necessary cooling to different types of industrial and commercial facilities by combining various parts and components and utilizing them in a technologically advanced way. If you’re looking for a company that offers cooling tower rental in Riverside, you should first look into the inner workings of cooling towers to know which one would be the best possible choice for your requirements.

What are important components of cooling towers?

To better understand how cooling towers work and how they supply the necessary cooling to a property, it’s best to begin by exploring all the essential components of a cooling tower. Here are the five most important parts of any cooling tower:


Other names for fill are surface or wet deck, most commonly used for fill made from PVC. Fill maximizes the surface area of contact between the water and the air, facilitating evaporation. Fill usually has patterns or textures on it in the form of wrinkles or ridges so that air and water have sufficient open space to travel.

These open spaces are called flutes of channels and they are usually at an angle so that it takes longer for water to travel the length of the space. Individual parts of the fill come together to create a fill block of different height and thickness.

Properly choosing the size of the flute is essential for a good design of a cooling tower. Smaller flutes increase the capacity per a single cubic foot, requiring less volume and making the entire tower operate more efficiently.

However, larger flutes are necessary in applications with dirty water, such as in steel mills. Here, small flutes become easily clogged, necessitating frequent maintenance, repair, and replacement.

cooling tower rental services in RiversideEliminator

Eliminators are components of cooling towers that minimize drift. Drift refers to all water droplets that manage to go into the cooling tower’s discharge air. Drift eliminators generally create multidirectional airflow changes. High-quality drift eliminators significantly reduce losses of water in the process of cooling.

Spray tree

There are several different forms of spray trees. They can either consist of a single head or two or more multiple heads, depending on the specific requirements of the cooling tower. They’re part of counterflow cooling towers and their purpose is to evenly distribute water.

Also, the point of spray trees is to use as little pressure as possible to enhance operational efficiency of the tower.

Water basin

Water basins come in two main categories – cold and hot. Crossflow towers use hot water basins instead of spray trees to distribute water. A hot water basin features a deep pan that has nozzles or holes at the bottom and is situated at the very top of crossflow cooling towers. Then, gravity helps dissipate water over the fill.

On the other hand, cold water basins are located at the very bottom of a tower and they collect water there. They’re most typically used in fixed cooling towers due to potential construction limitations in portable cooling towers.

Make-up valve

This component serves to replace water as it exits the system either through bleeding or through evaporation. It’s essentially very similar to a valve on a toilet tank but a lot bigger and with heavy-duty application in mind. cooling tower rental in Riverside

Who offers dependable cooling tower rental services in Riverside?

Cooling towers are essential for adequate operations of numerous industrial and commercial facilities. When renting a cooling tower it’s important to choose the most suitable one. Besides knowing what the essential components are, you should also be familiar with the features and functions of drift eliminators, learn more about the different types of fill in cooling towers, and be aware of the common concerns of cooling tower operations.

However, it’s also vital to find a reputable local provider of high-quality portable cooling towers in Riverside County. This is when you can count on Aerco Systems. We’re here to outfit your property with cutting-edge portable cooling systems that will adequately fulfill your need for additional cooling. Whether your facility is in Casa Blanca or another location, our technicians will be there to install, set up, and remove the tower at the end of the rental. Call today!