Portable Chiller Applications: When and Where to Use Them

Portable chillers provide your facility in Riverside County with a reliable cooling solution without requiring you to invest in a built-in model. For extra convenience, portable chiller rental companies enable you to test out a cooler before making any major investments

Despite being relatively compact, these devices have considerable cooling capacities that can meet the needs of rigorous industrial tasks. However, before purchasing or renting a portable chiller, you need to know which portable chiller type and specs to look for, and which cooling solution best fits your specific industry.

Read on to learn about some of the most common uses for portable chillers.

What does portable chiller mean?

Although portable chillers are equipped with wheels that make it easy to quickly reposition them and connect them to a process, this is actually not where the term “portable chiller” comes from. Rather, their name refers to any chiller system that contains the required components (pumps, reservoir, refrigeration circuit) within one footprint.

Due to their versatility and compact, movable size, portable chillers are the go-to option when a central chilling system is too expensive, too large to fit in a particular facility, or just not the most cost-efficient choice for a certain application.

Where are portable chillers used

Where are portable chillers used?

Portable chillers can provide supplemental, backup, or emergency cooling in a wide variety of different situations. Their mobile nature also makes it easy to repurpose them for another process when and as needed.

Common uses for portable chillers include:

Medical scanning technology

CAT, PET, and MRI scanners generate a lot of heat during use. This heat can interfere with the functioning of the device, and make patients and medical staff uncomfortable. A portable chiller can remove this excess heat from the machines, which will increase their efficiency and longevity.

Biodiesel production

In many cases, breaking down organic matter requires extreme temperatures, up to 1800 degrees fahrenheit. Since maintaining consistent temperatures is absolutely crucial, having a portable chiller on hand that can provide much-needed temperature regulation whenever needed is a must.

Blow molding

This process includes forcing compressed air into melted plastic in a way that stretches it and achieves the desired shape. After the final shape is achieved, careful cooling is necessary to remove heat and prevent the shape from changing further and developing deformities. A portable chiller can ensure optimal results by removing excess heat at a precise time.

Injection molding

Water-based cooling greatly reduces how much excess heat is generated during the injection molding process. Water-based portable chillers are therefore an excellent cooling option for plastics injection molding.


This process includes submerging the base material into an electrically charged acid bath to create an anodic oxide coating that strengthens the material in question (typically aluminum). Portable chillers are used to keep the electrolyte liquid at a regulated temperature and ensure optimal results.

Plastics extrusion

During this process, melted plastic is pushed through a mold. Precise temperature regulation is needed to keep the plastic from solidifying too quickly or losing its shape after leaving the mold. A quality portable chiller can maintain the desired temperatures at all stages of the process.

Who is the leader among trusted Riverside County portable chiller rental companies

Who is the leader among trusted Riverside County portable chiller rental companies?

As California’s premier provider of rental HVAC equipment, Aerco Systems is superbly positioned to provide your facility with up to 500 tons of additional cooling capacity. Our offering includes cooling towers, portable chillers, pumps, air handles, package units, and more.

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