Functions & Features of Drift Eliminators

Drift eliminators are essential for proper operations of various types of cooling towers in industrial or commercial properties. However, if you’re looking for the most reputable company in Riverside that provides cooling tower rental, it’s essential to gather in-depth knowledge about how eliminators function and what different types exist. This way, you’ll choose the cooling tower with the components your business needs and ensure adequate cooling to your processes.

What are drift eliminators in cooling towers?

The main purpose of a drift eliminator is to reduce water lost during cooling tower operations. Drift eliminators manage this by catching water droplets present in the air before they’re discharged out of the cooling tower. Eliminators do this by introducing directional air flow changes throughout the entire tower and interrupting the upward direction of water droplets.

Drift eliminators are essential in cooling tower operations because water is vital for providing ample cooling during various industrial processes. Once the drift eliminator removes water droplets from the air, it works to deposit the droplets on its surface and reintroduce them into the tower.

The better the eliminators in a cooling tower, the more efficiently the tower operates and the better it is at providing sufficient cooling. That’s why you should only rent a cooling tower with a modern drift eliminator system.What features do drift eliminators have

What features do drift eliminators have?

Whether you’re only renting a portable cooling tower to satiate your current additional requirements for industrial or commercial cooling, or you’re constructing a cooling tower for your company, it’s important to know the different essential features of drift eliminators.

This way, you’ll know which eliminators to demand in the tower and ensure your cooling system is capable of reducing operational costs without losing any of its performance. The vital features and qualities to look for in a drift eliminator are:

  • Seamlessly-integrated functionality into cooling tower operations
  • Cost-efficiency through enhanced capability to eliminate water loss
  • High level of non-stop performance over an extended period of time
  • Necessary certification for all the current health and safety rules and regulations
  • Easy inspection and maintenance access

What are the different types of drift eliminators?

There is not only a single design for a drift eliminator suitable for use in different types of cooling towers, such as crossflow, closed-circuit, evaporative, and other systems. In fact, there are four main types of eliminators fit for use in various systems:

  • Blade eliminators: These eliminators offer least performance but are cheap to run and install and offer good durability and longevity.
  • Cellular eliminators: These drift eliminators are designed to provide maximum efficiency of drift removal. Also, they are more flexible and easier to install.
  • Counterflow eliminators: These eliminators send currents of air flow in the vertical direction and make the water flow to the bottom. These eliminators use little energy and require minimal maintenance.
  • Crossflow eliminators: These eliminators facilitate horizontal flow of air while water goes in the same direction but downward. They produce little noise and generally require little maintenance.What are drift eliminators in cooling towers

What is Riverside’s most reliable company that offers cooling tower rental services?

If you’re renting a cooling tower for your commercial or industrial purposes, it’s important to choose one that’s well suited for your specific needs. That means being familiar with the important functions and features of cooling towers, but also learning more about the most important components in a cooling tower. Also, don’t forget to gather more information about the fill in a cooling tower and the concerns of proper cooling tower operation.

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