Differences Between Portable and Central Chillers

Portable and central chillers do the same thing – provide the necessary cooling for your commercial property. For some situations, installing a central chiller is the way to go. In other scenarios, it’s better to contact a company that provides portable chiller rental unit services in San Diego and have them install a temporary portable solution. However, in order to properly make this choice you need to learn more about the difference between these two options.

What is the difference between portable and central chillers?

Proper cooling techniques suitable for your commercial property will positively affect different aspects of your business, from employee comfort and satisfaction to machine durability and operational efficiency. Let’s explore the main differences between central and portable chillers across four main categories.

portable chiller unit rental in San DiegoPortable chillers

Portable chillers can be an extremely convenient solution because you can freely move them. This means they bring cooling capabilities where and when you require them. Here’s what you should consider when thinking about going for a portable chiller:

Floor space

Portable chillers have to be fixed on the floor in the workspace. This means they will take up more space than a central chiller, making them ideal for commercial properties that have space to spare.


Noise is an important factor when considering the chiller to buy or rent, and you should pay attention to it. Noise levels of portable chillers depend on the type and the manufacturer of the portable chiller. Always choose a chiller that runs as quietly as possible, as some models can get rather loud.


Portable chillers work at varying temperatures, which allows for easy customization of the current workplace temperature. If your cooling requirements demand a high degree of flexibility, a portable chiller could be your best bet.


Cost of purchasing or renting a portable chiller can end up being the determining factor, as they can cost more than central chillers. While you should always pay a bit extra for a solution that perfectly suits your needs, you should neer break the bank.

Central chillers

Central chillers are permanent and fixed to a particular location in your commercial property. This makes the decision of where to install it extremely important, as you will not be able to move it without incurring significant additional costs. Here are their defining characteristics1:

Floor space

The majority of central chillers are installed outside and they do not take any floor space in your workplace area. This is why many business owners with limited indoor space opt for central chillers as their preferred cooling solution.


Because professionals will install your central chiller unit outside, there will be no noticeable noise in your workspace. If near noiseless operation is your priority, central chillers are an excellent option.


Centra chillers are a great solution for uniform cooling of many machines or large personnel areas. However, they are not a good choice for commercial applications that require absolutely precise flexible cooling.


Central chillers are generally cheaper than their portable counterparts that would be capable of cooling approximately the same area. If you have to budget, a central chiller is the way to go.

portable chiller unit in San DiegoWho offers reliable portable chiller unit rental in San Diego?

The choice between a portable and a central chiller ultimately boils down to your own reasons for needing a chiller in the first place. Also, before contacting a local rental company, you should learn more about the different types of chillers available to rent, as well as the explanations to the biggest false myths surrounding water-cooled chillers. Once you gather more information on chillers, it’s time to focus on renting one.

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