Cooling Towers: What They Are & How They Work

Cooling towers are highly specialized devices that are in charge of extracting heat from a wide range of industrial facilities. However, not all these facilities require cooling towers all the time, which is why they hire move and cool systems available for rent in San Diego. This way, they resolve their current need for additional cooling without having to permanently increase their cooling capacity. But what are cooling towers and how do they work?

What are cooling towers?

Cooling towers are essentially heat-removal devices that implement water to move waste heat produced by different industrial processes and to transfer it into the atmosphere in a harmless and environmentally friendly way. This makes cooling towers essential in maintaining desirable temperatures in a variety of industrial complexes.

The purpose of a cooling tower

Industrial facilities use cooling towers to lower the temperature of water by extracting the heat from the building. Cooling towers are, essentially, large heat exchangers that receive warm water from chillers. This condenser water then gets cooled by the tower before going back to the chilled to gather more heat. This is how cooling towers help with maintaining adequate temperature in different facilities.

How do cooling towers work?

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Industrial processes and HVAC equipment generate heat in the form of multiple tons of hot water. This hot water has to receive cooling, and that’s the job of cooling towers. Heated water flows through a cooling tower before recirculation and exposure to dry and cool air.

From there, the heat exits the tower into the atmosphere through evaporation, while cool water reenters the heating and air conditioning system and the entire process repeats itself.

As the warm condenser enters a cooling tower, water passes through nozzles that spray that water over the fill. This increases the water’s surface area, improving heat loss and enhancing evaporation.

Also, cooling towers have fans on the top. Their purpose is to move the air from the bottom of the tower up and outside, in the opposite direction of warm water. This air carries the heat from the tower out into the atmosphere.

The necessity for cooling towers

Industrial cooling towers are essential components of industrial refrigeration systems. They are used in manufacturing plants, steel mills, chemical processing plants, and power plants. Additionally, commercial cooling towers provide air conditioning to large buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and airports.

Without cooling towers to both help provide comfort in commercial buildings and heat relief in industrial processes, it would be impossible to both work in such environments and manufacture important components in them. That’s what makes cooling towers vital in today’s fast-developing world.

Where can I find a high-quality move and cool for rent in San Diego?

How do cooling towers work

Knowing what cooling towers are and how they work is only the first step in understanding the basics of these machines. You should also know what different types of cooling towers exist and become familiar with the basic terminology related to cooling towers. Finally, you should look into the methods for optimizing your cooling tower’s efficiency. However, the most important thing is finding the right company to rent your unit from.

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