Air & Water-Cooled Chillers: When Should I Use Them?

Both water-cooled and air-cooled portable chiller rental units provide the same service to business owners across Riverside County – cooling. However, these two types of chillers operate under different principles and are mostly used for varying purposes. This means that you should know more about their operating principles and common applications to be able to choose a rental unit when your business needs it. So, when are these chillers used?

What are air-cooled chillers used for?

Air-cooled chillers are commonly-used systems for cooling industrial and commercial facilities. They’re best suited for use in environments where heat discharge is not a key problem, and they are ideal for a variety of outdoor applications, as well as some more specialized uses. Let’s explore the most common applications of air-cooled chillers. 

Anodizing and metal plating

Both water and air-cooled chillers are suitable for these applications, with air chillers being a bit more popular choice. Anodizing and metal plating are two parts of the process used for coating a surface with metal through electrochemical processes. Portable chillers remove the necessary heat from electrolyte liquid in order to keep it at a steady temperature. Temperature control is essential for both metal plating and anodizing. 

Small buildings

Small commercial buildings are ideal for air-cooled chillers since they do not have extremely high cooling requirements. Also, the low operating and service costs of air chillers coupled with the absence of water in the system make this an excellent low-maintenance solution for small commercial properties. 

Temporary industrial applications

Finally, portable air chillers are a great solution for a variety of temporary applications across multiple industrial settings. Plants may require temporary supplemental cooling either due to planned maintenance or unexpected breakdowns, making air coolers an excellent solution. 

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When should you use a chilled water system?

Water chillers tend to be smaller than air-cooled chillers, making these units ideal for placing indoors. They are ideal for high-temperature applications where heat dissipation is a serious issue. They provide more efficient cooling, but generally at higher operation costs, making them best suited for use in highly-specialized commercial and industrial applications. 

Injection molding

Injection molding releases plenty of heat in the process and it requires extremely efficient cooling to prevent the contamination and deformation of plastic components. Water-cooled chillers are the perfect solution for plastic injection molding, as they efficiently remove heat throughout the duration of the process. 

Medical scanners

Medical imaging equipment generates a lot of heat during operations. This requires the use of process chillers for removing all that excess heat from the process and allowing the medical equipment to operate efficiently for extended periods of time. 

Blow molding

Hollow components and parts are created using the blow molding process. Again, the precise rate of targeted cooling affects the quality of the end products. Cooling the plastic too quickly will prevent it from attaining the final form, while cooling too slowly the component will deform. Portable water chillers will offer adequate cooling for this process. 

What are air-cooled chillers used for

Who is the leader among reputable portable chiller rental companies in Riverside County?

There’s plenty to cover before you start learning about the different uses for water-cooled and air-cooled chillers. You first have to find out what portable chillers are, and where portable chillers are most commonly used. Then, you should learn more about the differences between air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. Only then should you start exploring where to use different types of chillers before renting them from a reputable provider. 

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