6 Types of Portable Commercial Heaters


When you want to make your commercial facility a comfortable place to work at by providing warm conditions during the cold winter months, pairing with a reputable company that offers temporary heater rentals in San Diego is crucial, but so is opting for the right type of unit. With numerous options available, knowing what each of them features will help you decide about the best solution for your facility. Keep reading to find out about the different types of portable heaters.

What are the different types of portable heaters?

Placing additional heat sources around your facility helps not only your employees feel more comfortable, but also machines and equipment which will definitely operate better and achieve their operating temperature more quickly. Choosing the type of heater that best fits your needs will ensure maximum efficiency. Have a look at the available options:


Whether you need it for your garage, workshop, or warehouse or as a supplemental or primary source, unit heaters ensure even air distribution and produce cooler element operation, allowing for a longer lifespan. These heaters operate by recognizing the cold spots within the facility, keeping the entire area comfortable. 

Dry out 

This kind of unit is built to hold up to the rigorous demands of industrial facilities or job sites. It directs the hot air to the designated areas and it’s ideal for large-capacity heating. It doesn’t feature carbon monoxide, flame, odor, or gasses such as kerosene or propane. From temporary heating on cold weather days to supplementing a fixed system, or even emergency situations, this unit is an excellent choice. 

Different types of portable heaters

Infrared radiant

The main feature and ability of an infrared radiant unit is to transfer heat to an object or a person without altering the temperature of the surrounding air. It provides medium-wave infrared energy with high output and a soft orange glow, and it’s an ideal solution for restaurants, outdoor patios, but also places such as ice rinks, racetracks, auditoriums, parking garages, and others that require more warmth but less light. 

Hazardous location heaters

Hazardous location heaters are the best option for environments with the risk of explosion due to existing flammable vapors, gasses, dust, or powdered metals. These units feature wheeled carts, anti-static wheels, and fork-lift channels for ease of lifting onto trucks or ramps. It’s perfect for seasonal use in hazardous areas. 

Ceiling-mounted infrared

Overhead ceiling-mounted infrared units are flat panels you can use in both rugged applications and industrial use. They also work well as protected outdoor or indoor lighting. Their design allows both total area and spot heating and different mounting options.

Stainless steel portable

The stainless steel portable units are specially designed for freeze protection and heating in corrosive, dirty, or dusty environments that require occasional hose-downs or washing. These environments include places such as car washes, wastewater treatment plants, fish processors, ship and marine docks, military applications, and more. 

Where to rent temporary heaters in San Diego

Where can I find high-quality temporary heater rentals in San Diego?

Whether you’re wondering about the benefits of supplemental heating for your property, or you’re not sure about the criteria for choosing a reliable heater rental company, reach out to Aerco Systems. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you in finding the right solution for your facility. 

Whether you’re in Clairemont or any other neighborhood, our expert technicians will shortly arrive at your location to size and install your unit, but also remove it when you no longer need it. Our services are available year-round, every day of the week so that you can optimize your environment with our energy-efficient solutions whenever you need them. Call now!