6 Biggest Advantages of Water-Cooled Chillers

Water-cooled chillers provide adequate cooling for a variety of industrial processes. If your company needs additional cooling capacity, or if you’ve sustained a breakdown, you should look for Orange County’s reputable company that offers chiller rentals and acquire a unit. However, you need to be certain that renting a water-cooled chiller is the best option for you and that such a system would bring the advantages you require.

What are the benefits of water-cooled chillers?

The primary role of a water-cooled chiller is to keep your industrial operations smooth and allow your business to run at full capacity. However, besides doing its base function, a water-cooled chiller can also introduce additional benefits into your business. Let’s explore what advantages you can expect in you decide to rent a water-cooled unit:

Great lifespan

First and foremost – water-cooled chillers are extremely durable and dependable, and they can last for a very long time. These units are located indoors and are not exposed to the elements. This means that you are not likely to receive any significant breakages and setbacks during your rental period, allowing you to focus your attention on the more important aspects of your operations. Orange County chillers rental

Very quiet operations

Water-cooled chillers are extremely quiet during normal operations. The flow of water throughout the system creates far less noise than air. This results in reduced noise levels of water-cooled chillers. Quiet operation is paramount for various environments, such as schools and hospitals, where noise can easily disturb the occupants.

No need for open space

Although water-cooled chillers are housed indoors, they do not need a large amount of open space to operate properly. Additionally, because technicians install water-cooled chillers indoors, this solution is ideal for those commercial properties that do not have access to sprawling outdoor areas required to accommodate air-cooled chillers.

Excellent safety

In water-cooled chiller systems, water is the main refrigerant and there are usually no additions of various potentially harmful chemicals. This absence of artificial refrigerants makes water chillers the safest possible solution for cooling a commercial building or an industrial manufacturing facility.


Water-cooled chiller systems use water to provide cooling. However, these systems recirculate the water they use, allowing them to minimize the use of water and provide a cost-effective alternative to air-cooled chillers. Also, they do not require water discharge monitoring and government-related annual permits.

In-depth process control

Modern water-cooled chillers feature sophisticated process optimization controls that allow them to provide maximum cooling capacity at maximum energy efficiency. Also, such features allow these chiller systems to achieve zero downtime, ensuring continual operation at your desired level. Orange County chillers for rent

Which company from Orange County offers cutting-edge chillers for rent?

There’s a lot for you to do before you settle on your choice and rent a water-cooled chiller unit. First, are you familiar with the best practices for efficient and cost-effective chiller operation? Do you know how to maintain your rented chiller to ensure performance and reliability? Have you considered all the benefits of packaged air-cooled chillers before choosing to go for a water-cooled chiller? If so, it’s time to find a company to rent a chiller from.

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