6 Benefits of Packaged Air-Cooled Chillers

Renting a packaged air-cooled chiller unit is a fast, reliable, and efficient solution if your business is in dire need of supplemental cooling, or if you’ve sustained an unexpected breakdown. However, before turning to a reputable company that provides chiller rentals in Orange County, you should explore your options and see if air-cooled packaged chillers offer the benefits your business requires.

What are the benefits of renting a packaged air-cooled chiller?

Packaged air-cooled chillers include evaporators, compressors, and condensers within a single unit, which allows them to extract heat during various industrial processes. This way, chillers allow your business to operate smoothly. However, there are more benefits to air-cooled chiller systems that bring even more to your business:

A cost-effective solution for your needs

Packaged chillers that use air to cool down commercial properties and industrial processes are easy-to-install systems that save both money and time during the initial set-up phase. Since the installation of these systems requires less effort, you will experience immediate initial cost savings. Also, these systems have different energy-efficiency features, allowing you to experience reduced operating costs over extended rental periods. chiller rental services in Orange County

Low maintenance requirements during the rental period

Packaged air-cooled commercial chillers feature fewer components in comparison to their water-cooled counterparts. The fewer the number of components, the less there is to malfunction, meaning your unit has lowered potential for breakdowns during the rental period. Air-cooled chillers do not have condenser pumps and cooling towers, making them simpler and easier to maintain.

Energy-efficient daily operations

Cutting-edge air-cooled chillers have numerous features designed to enhance the energy efficiency of these units. One of the most important features are EC, or electronically commutated fans. These fans control the amount of airflow necessary to ensure adequate cooling, minimizing costs of operations.

Lower requirements for interior space

Packaged air-cooled systems are placed outdoors. This means they require a lot less indoor space within your property, which makes these units the perfect choice if you’re pressed for space. Also, these chillers do not require mechanical rooms and cooling towers to operate properly, which leads to even further space savings.

Good choice for water-sensitive environments

If the business you’re running has a limited supply of water or a potential for drought, packaged air-cooled systems are a solution that saves water. These systems use ambient air to cold down your processes, which eliminates the need for water in order to achieve the performance your business requires.

No effects on ambient conditions

Finally, packaged air-cooled chillers do not produce moisture and will not turn your production area into a damp environment. These units do not modify the ambient conditions within your property. This enhances your operations and employee comfort. chiller rental in Orange County

Which company provides reliable chiller rental services in Orange County?

Before you decide to rent an air-cooled chiller, take the time to learn about the best practices for energy-efficient chiller operation and see how you should maintain your rented chiller for maximum reliability. Also, it’s worth exploring all the options before renting a chiller, which means exploring the advantages of water-cooled chillers before making your final choice. After that, it’s time to look for a reputable company that specializes in renting chillers.

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