5 Things to Know Before Renting a Temporary Air Conditioning System

If your commercial or industrial property is in need of additional cooling during peak season, one of the best things you can do is contact a reputable air conditioner rental company in San Diego and ask them to supply you with a unit that will suit your needs. However, don’t jump the gun and contact a provider before you gain more information on the key considerations before renting an air conditioner.

What should I consider before renting a temporary AC?

There’s a lot more to renting a temporary air conditioner for your commercial or industrial property than just picking up the phone and calling one of the local providers. The only way to ensure you’re renting the most suitable unit for your requirements is to take the time to explore the following important considerations:

Determine your needs for cooling

First and foremost, you have to determine how much additional cooling capacity you’re going to need. After that, you need to think about how long the rental period is going to be and if you’d like to rent an outdoor or indoor unit. Knowing these details is the first step in understanding what kind of air conditioning system you require. air conditioner rental services in San Diego

Know the characteristics of your space

Apart from clearly determining how much additional cooling you need and how long you’re renting the air conditioning for, it’s essential to consider your space. This is important because it helps you understand how much space you’ll need to cool, allowing you to gain an exact measurement that helps the providers choose the size of the unit they’ll install for you.

If a unit is too small, it will strain when operational and fail to provide the required amount of cooling. If it’s too big there’s a chance it will use more energy to run, lowering its efficiency.

Consider ventilation

Portable air conditioners require a solution for exhausting air while operational. Typically, these units direct hot air through an exhaust duct. Depending on the exact type of unit you choose to rent, you can direct the exhaust either through a window, into a drop ceiling, or straight through one of the walls in your property. It’s good to know your options in advance since it allows you to give that information to your technicians.

Determine how much room you require

If you’re renting an indoor portable air conditioning unit, it’s essential that you determine the exact amount of space you have and choose your AC accordingly. Also, ensure to convey any potential space limitations to your contractors so that they can either work to resolve the issue or propose another unit that would suit your needs.

Remember the important details

Finally, make sure to provide the following information to your chosen technicians so they properly size the unit:

  • The number of windows in your space
  • The number of people using the space
  • Presence of electronic equipmentair conditioner rental in San Diego

Who offers high-quality air conditioner rental services in San Diego & the area?

Renting a portable air conditioning system to supplement the rising needs of your commercial or industrial property requires some preparation. Besides considering the mentioned important criteria, you also have to know how to choose the most suitable AC rental system for your space, gain some information about how to maximize the performance of your rented air conditioner, as well as look into preventing the freezing of pipes on your rented units.

However, the most important aspect of renting an AC is finding the right company to partner with. Aerco Systems is your go-to provider of modern, reliable, and high-performance portable commercial air conditioners to suit your varying needs. It makes no difference if your property is located in Lake Murray or any other neighborhood. Our technicians will come to size your property, install your system, and set everything up. Give us a call today!