5 Methods for Boosting Rented AC Efficiency

Choosing to partner with a dependable company that specializes in providing move and cool rentals across Riverside, CA is a great first step in equipping your commercial property with a suitable supplemental cooling system. However, once the experts come in and install your unit per best industry practices, there’s one more thing you have to think about, and that’s ensuring maximum efficiency of your portable AC system.

How do I boost the efficiency of my rented air conditioner?

When it comes to supplemental cooling in industrial and commercial buildings, efficiency is everything and saving up on your utility bills is a must. That’s why it’s worth both renting the most efficient unit you can afford, as well as looking into all the methods you can implement to create a more efficient operational environment for your rented system.

Programmable control system

Every single component that makes up a rented air conditioning system depends on the temperature controllers and airflow, which can fluctuate depending on the climate within your property. 

However, choosing a solution that uses real-time data alongside PLCs, or programmable logic controllers will allow your system to make automatic changes depending on the current indoor conditions and the discrepancies between them and your desired ones. This way, you can save as much as 20% on your bills.

Insulation and envelope

Before you actually rent a portable industrial air conditioner, it’s a good idea to inspect the insulation of your building and its envelope. This is especially important with older buildings, as they tend to have poor insulation. If the insulation is bad, your AC system will have to work a lot harder to maintain the desired temperatures, meaning more money out of your pocket for electricity bills.

Setting thermostat points

This is another aspect where a programmable thermostat can help you. Setting points for your desired temperatures over the course of the day and in different areas of your property allows you better control over your AC use. For example, you can shut off certain areas you’re not currently using and set your thermostat to adjust automatically during different times of day, e.g. peak hours.

Proper sizing

One of the most important things when looking to ensure the best possible energy efficiency of your rented AC is unit sizing. If you choose a unit that’s too small for your space, it will strain in an attempt to cool your building, using more energy in the process. On the other hand, large units will frequently cycle on and off, again, using energy.

Inspect the vents

Finally, vents are what brings cool air into your property from your air conditioning unit, and any blockages and clogs will prevent proper air flow, which will only make your AC work harder to attain the temperatures you need, requiring more energy.

Where can I find high-quality move and cool rentals in Riverside, CA

Where can I find high-quality move and cool rentals in Riverside, CA?

Before you choose to rent supplemental cooling that will highly benefit your business, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to choose a unit that will serve your unique application and second, you have to ensure adequate sizing of your rented air conditioner. However, once you do rent the most suitable unit for your company it’s important to ensure maximum energy efficiency of your system. Or you can simply let Aerco Systems take care of it.

We’re the leaders when it comes to portable cooling solutions across the area. It makes no difference whether your industrial property is near California Citrus State Historic Park or another location. We’ll dispatch a technician to inspect your property and consult with you about your requirements. From there, we’ll install your unit, set everything up for utmost efficiency, and return to remove it once the rental period is over.