5 Maintenance Tips for Chiller Rental Systems

5 Maintenance Tips for Chiller Rental Systems

Keeping your commercial chiller rental well-maintained is vital for ensuring optimal operations over the entire duration of the rental period. Proper maintenance prevents the occurrence of problems and keeps your commercial property at the correct temperature for your line of work. While the company you choose as your go-to provider of chillers for rent in Orange County will install your unit per precise specifications, you should nevertheless try to maintain it.

How do I maintain my rented chiller unit?

New technological advancements in chiller technology, such as remote monitoring and automatic troubleshooting have made chiller maintenance a lot easier. However, it still requires time and engagement on your part. You need to periodically go through all the most important system checks and know which areas to pay attention to. Here’s a detailed checklist to help you:

Keep a log

The first and essential step in ensuring adequate maintenance of your commercial chiller system is keeping a detailed record of its operating conditions. This includes keeping a log of the flow rate, fluid levels, system pressures, and temperatures. Assessing the current state of your system with its past tendencies will allow you to predict potential problems and act preventively rather than reactively, saving money in the process. chillers for rent in Orange County

Ensure tube cleanliness is maintained

Adequate heat transfer is paramount for ensuring the optimal operating capacity of your rented chiller unit. This means you should make sure all heat transfer tubes are clean and free from all impurities, such as algae, minerals, and scale. This means you should first inspect them, then clean them if necessary. However, this is mostly something rental companies take care of.

Ensure proper flow of chilled water

Changing the flow of chilled water within your system can seriously affect its performance. This is why you should make sure your system’s chilled water flow remains within the specified optimal levels.

A too-low flow rate hampers your rented chiller’s ability to provide optimal cooling. Generally, the ideal flow rate is 3ft a second. However, this can depend on the unit you rent, so it’s always best to consult the manufacturer or the technicians you rent from.

Regularly inspect compressor oil

If your rental period is really long, there may come a time for inspecting the state of the compressor oil. If you partner with a reputable provider of chiller rentals, they should take care of this step. They will take a sample of the oil in your compressor, analyze it, and see if they should replace the oil or not.

Make sure there’s enough refrigerant

Finally, always make sure the refrigerant in the system is at an adequate level. Refrigerant leaks will lower your refrigerant levels, which will cause poor efficiency of the entire system. If this happens, immediately contact your chiller rental representative and ask them to come in and resolve the problem. chillers for rent Orange County

Who provides technologically-advanced chillers for rent in Orange County?

Knowing how to maintain your rented chiller equipment is important, but it is only a single part of a much larger picture. First, you should explore the advantages of packaged air-cooled chillers and see what benefits water-cooled chillers bring to your business. Once you make your choice, learn more about the best practices for ensuring your chiller’s maximum efficiency. Finally, and most importantly, carefully choose your chiller rental company.

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