5 Applications of Portable AC

Portable temporary air conditioning systems are an excellent choice for providing additional or supplemental cooling in your commercial or industrial property without having to actually permanently expand your cooling capacity. In fact, going for a move and cool rental will allow your property in Riverside to successfully meet your current demands for cool air in different specialized environments and situations. 

What are the most common applications of portable AC?

What are the most common applications of portable AC

If you don’t need to permanently increase the cooling capacity at your property, going for a portable AC rental is a good choice for both meeting your needs and saving some funds. Why? Because portable air conditioning systems are a good choice for use in several different specialized applications, including:


One of the most common commercial applications of portable air conditioning systems is office cooling at times when you either need to temporarily expand your office capacity due to a sudden and temporary spike in demand or when your current system’s proving insufficient for the rising temperature and your employee requirements. Instead of installing a whole new system, renting a temporary solution is a far better option for your current requirements.

Emergency cooling

There are two main scenarios in which emergency cooling is a great option. Some businesses experience surges in need for cooling as a seasonal requirement while there are also commercial and industrial properties that require a back-up system during their busy periods just in case their main AC malfunctions and they don’t wish to stop their processes.

IT spot cooling

It’s extremely common to rent temporary portable air conditioning systems for spot cooling different types of IT systems, mainly server rooms and data centers. This way you’re preventing the potential for damage to vital components because electronic equipment operates at high temperatures, emitting all that hot air into the open space.

With portable cooling systems, you’re providing the necessary cool air to vital parts and components, eliminating the potential for breakdowns and enhancing the system’s overall performance.

Process cooling

Process cooling offers enhanced productivity during main manufacturing procedures by offering enhanced cooling of products and equipment during the process across different specialized industries. Some of the most common areas of use for rented air conditioning systems during process cooling include chemical and pharmaceutical processes that require precise temperature control at all times.

Health care facilities

Finally, various clinical facilities require varying levels of localized cooling that centralized air conditioning systems cannot always meet, necessitating different types of portable solutions. For example, different types of diagnostic equipment emit a lot more heat than a traditional centralized air conditioning unit can handle, making portable supplemental solutions a good way to meet such needs.

Which company offers reliable move and cool rental services in Riverside

Which company offers reliable move and cool rental services in Riverside?

You can implement a portable air conditioning system for a wide range of potential applications at your industrial or commercial property. However, before you rent a supplemental unit make sure to explore the benefits of organizing an on-site consultation and allowing the professionals to properly size your system to ensure maximum energy efficiency of your rented air conditioner. After that, it’s all about partnering with the right company.

At Aerco Systems, we make sure to provide a comprehensive service to all our customers, whether your property is near Riverside Art Museum or any other location. Our technicians will arrive at your property, perform an in-depth inspection and consultation, size your unit, install it, set everything up, and be there to remove it at the end of your rental period. Our full-service method is how we ensure maximum client satisfaction every single time.