5 Biggest Myths About Water-Cooled Chillers

Water-cooled chillers are surrounded by myths that are completely untrue. When trying to decide about the type of chiller system to rent, this could make you arrive at the wrong conclusion and rent an unsuitable chiller for your needs. While you should always turn to a reputable industrial water chiller rental company in San Diego for information on the unit you would like to rent, it’s still important to clear up the biggest myths about water-cooled chillers. 

What are the biggest myths about water-cooled chillers?

Misinformation can cause you to make the wrong decision when renting the chiller for your business needs. That is why you should do your research and try to find accurate information on the type of chiller you’re thinking of renting. Here are the most common myths surrounding water-cooled chillers and explanations on why they are not true. 

Water-cooled chillers have poor cooling capacity

This one is completely untrue. In fact, water-cooled chillers have a superior efficiency when compared to air-cooled units. As hot air passess through a water-cooled chiller, it remains cool, which means that water chillers produce colder air at a consistent and reliable rate. 

Which industrial water chiller rental company in San Diego should I partner with

They are only effective for smaller facilities

Again, this is a myth that is completely untrue. Water-cooled chillers are just as effective in small and large spaces. In fact, the more space there is for a water-cooled chiller to operate in, the more efficient it will be, since it works best when there is increased distance between the cooling towers. This makes water chillers more effective in larger, rather than smaller facilities. 

This type of chiller requires more space

This is actually a myth that has merit, since it was true in the past, when water-cooled chillers did generally take up more space than air-cooled ones. However, advancements in cooling technology have reduced the scale of water-cooled chillers, making them able to fit within the spaces that would otherwise be reserved exclusively for air-cooled systems. 

Water-cooled chillers are less energy efficient

The fact is that water-cooled chillers do not have to run constantly in order to keep the air inside the system cool, unlike air-cooled chillers. Based on this, they use less energy to operate, especially since they are able to cool the incoming air more quickly and allow it to stay cool for extended periods of time. 

A water-cooled chiller wastes water

When you hear the term “water-cooled chiller”, you can assume that your utility bills will go through the roof if you decide to rent this type of unit. However, modern water chillers are able to recycle as much as 95% of the water they use on a daily basis, which means they do not waste water at all and that they remain a cost-effective solution. 

Biggest Myths About Water-Cooled Chillers

Which industrial water chiller rental company in San Diego should I partner with?

If you’ve heard some of these myths about water-cooled chiller systems, you may have been wrongly dissuaded from choosing these among different types of chillers. However, you should not trust myths. Selecting an adequate chiller is the most important decision when thinking of renting a chiller for your business. In fact, it’s just as important as making the choice between a central or a portable chiller for your needs. 

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