5 Best Practices for Efficient Chiller Operation

When you partner with one of Orange County’s reputable companies that provide modern chillers for rent, they’ll perform adequate chiller installation and make sure everything’s running smoothly. They’ll also set everything up to suit your business requirements. However, that doesn’t mean you should not try to maintain and enhance the efficiency of your rented chiller and improve the bottom line of your company.

How do I boost the efficiency of chiller rentals?

Learning how to operate, inspect, and properly maintain your rented chiller is just as important as choosing the right company to rent your equipment from. Luckily, there are several practices that will ensure your chiller is always operating at its optimal capacity and providing your business the performance it requires. Explore these best practices for chiller efficiency.

Rent several chillers

Depending on the size of your property and its operating capacity, renting two or three chillers and combining their power by matching them to your building’s exact load is usually more efficient than running a single chiller at maximum capacity. chillers for rent

Raise the temperature of the chilled water

A 2-3℉ increase in chilled-water temperature that you supply to the air handlers in your commercial property will enhance the efficiency of the chiller you rented. Also, you should create a schedule for chilled-water resets. This will allow the system to adjust the temperature of chilled water to suit the exterior temperature fluctuations, resulting in as much as 5% reduction in energy consumption.

Reduce the temperature of condenser water

When you reduce the temperature of water that’s returning from cooling tower back into the chiller by as little as 3℉ will also reduce the energy your chiller uses by up to two or three percent. The setpoint for the water temperature that leaves the cooling tower should be the lowest allowed by the manufacturer.

Eliminate the air from the refrigerant

When air gets trapped within your refrigerant loop, it will increase the pressure at compressor discharges. This, in turn, makes the compressor work harder to compensate for the air being present in the system. That is why you should periodically purge the air from the system, unless you rent a modern chiller that does that automatically.

Maintain the level of refrigerant

Finally, you should ensure your chiller system always has adequate subcooling and subheading readings. You can do this by checking the sight-glass of the refrigerant and comparing the readings to manufacturer’s specifications. If any of the readings don’t match manufacturer’s requirements, you can expect to witness a negative impact on system efficiency. orange county chillers for rent

Which company from Orange County offers cutting-edge chillers for rent?

It doesn’t matter if you need an air-cooled chiller for your business due to its set of benefits, or you go for a water-cooled chiller rental for its advantages – you also need to know how to properly care for your chiller rental to keep it operating at its maximum efficiency. That is precisely why you should be careful about the chiller rental company you decide to partner with. Some professionals will only install your equipment, while others do a lot more.

But not Aerco Systems. We’re one of the most reputable chiller rental companies in the entire Orange County and we have designed a comprehensive approach to renting equipment. Our technicians will inspect your property, install your equipment, set everything up for maximum efficiency, and be there to remove the chiller at the end of your rental period. All you have to do is give us a call, tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of everything else!