4 Ways to Prevent Frozen Rented Air Conditioner

Renting supplemental air conditioning units in San Diego to ensure your commercial or industrial property has the necessary cooling during the hottest months is only the first step in securing proper operational efficiency. Besides enhancing the efficiency of your rented system, you also need to prevent the appearance of common problems, such as freezing of your unit during maximum load. There are several ways you can do so.

How do I prevent the freezing of my rented AC?

It can be quite a surprising event to see your refrigerant lines or air conditioner coils completely frozen on a hot summer day, especially if you’ve rented a high-quality AC system. However, this can still happen even with the best of units, especially if you don’t pay attention to some of the methods of preventing the freezing of your air conditioning system:

Inspect for refrigerant leaks

Leaking refrigerant is one of the most common causes of a frozen air conditioning unit. If a refrigerant is leaking, it causes a drop in pressure levels. As the levels of pressure become lower, refrigerant lines start to accumulate ice, causing them to freeze. To determine if there’s a possible refrigerant leak, pay attention to some of the usual telltale signs:

  • Warm air emanating from your vents
  • Bubbling and hissing sounds coming from the unit
  • Increased energy bills because of the increased AC loadrent supplemental air conditioning in San Diego

Check blower motor operations

Another problem that can cause a frozen air conditioner is a broken blower motor. If it’s not working properly, it prevents the fan from drawing the necessary amount of warm air into the unit, which causes the lines to accumulate ice. Some of the signs of a faulty blower motor are:

  • No warm air blowing out of the exterior unit
  • Humming sound emanating from the AC
  • Difficulty starting
  • Slow-spinning blower fan

Inspect condensate drain line

Air conditioners cool spaces by absorbing heat from the interior of the property and transferring it outdoors while pumping cool air in. The condensation moisture present in the once-humid air will appear in the condensate drip tray. From there, it will exit the air conditioning unit through a drainage system.

If there’s a clog in any part of this system, the water tray backs up and overflows. What’s more, this excess moisture will increase the vulnerability of the evaporator coil to freezing. If there are any signs of blockages present in the drain system, you can expect it to freeze in time.

Check the vents

FInally, inspect the vents in your property, both the return and supply vents, to make sure there are no blockages obstructing proper air flow. If there are serious restrictions to the air flow, it might cause parts of the system to freeze up over longer periods of time.rent air conditioning in San Diego

Which company rents modern portable air conditioning units in San Diego?

Preventing your rented air conditioner from freezing is the final consideration to make when looking for a portable cooling solution. There are many things you need to consider before renting a commercial air conditioner, such as knowing how to boost the efficiency of your AC, as well as learning how to choose the most suitable portable air conditioner system for your particular requirements and needs.

However, it’s most important to find a reputable company that rents advanced air conditioning systems to commercial and industrial property owners in San Diego. At Aerco Systems, we offer advanced solutions suitable for a wide range of specialized industrial applications. Our technicians will come to properly size, professionally install, expertly set up, and test your entire system whether your property is in Midway or another location in the area. Call us today!