4 System Concerns for Cooling Towers

The environment of the cooling tower and the basic principles of operations means that it’s a dynamic system. It’s situated outside, exposed to various elements, making it susceptible to a range of impurities. This is why cooling towers can be susceptible to debris and dirt, depending on the climate they’re in. That’s why you need to be familiar with the basic system concerns of cooling towers before you find Riverside County’s dependable cooling tower rental company.

What should I pay attention to in cooling tower operations?

Factors such as harsh weather, dirt, debris, minerals, sediments, warmth, and humidity can lead to a cooling tower developing several different system faults. You have to be familiar with these various operational concerns in order to properly manage their operations.

Being ready means you’ll be able to ensure asset reliability and maintain optimal system efficiency and performance for the entire duration of your rental period. Let’s take a look at the four biggest and most common system concerns cooling towers can develop. Riverside County’s dependable cooling tower rental


This is an electro-chemical process that destroys various types of metal surfaces. There is a high chance of corrosion appearing in cooling towers, especially those utilizing water to operate. There are several different types of corrosion cooling towers can develop, such as erosion corrosion, microbiologically-influenced corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and pitting.

Untreated corrosion within the system can lead to various adverse consequences, such as failing heat exchangers, bad portions of cooling tower structure, and piping.


Scaling represents precipitation of various dissolved minerals that ended up becoming saturated in the solution. Various factors can contribute to enhanced scaling tendencies during cooling tower operations, including temperature and quality of water, as well as its pH value.

If scaling appears, it will reduce the ability of the heat exchanger to operate properly, reducing its capacity. Scaling has insulating properties, making the exchanger work more to meet the demand for cooling, ultimately leading to failure.


As suspended particles fall out of various solutions, deposits form. Some of the frequent foulants are silt, oil, and a wide range of organic matter present in cooling towers. Some of the additional factors that vastly contribute to fouling is low velocity of water, process leaks, and corrosion.

Fouling also impedes the operational capacity of the heat exchanger, reducing its efficiency. What’s more, fouling can also plug the fill of the tower, reducing the amount of evaporative surface, reducing the capacity of the entire cooling tower.

Microbiological activity

Cooling towers are ideal for the development of varied microbiological activities due to warm and humid conditions. The two main categories of microbiological activities in cooling towers are sessile biogrowth and planktonic. For example, biofilms have very strong insulating properties, impeding the operations of a cooling tower, leading to poor results and greeted system strain. Riverside County’s most reliable cooling tower rental

What is Riverside County’s most reliable cooling tower rental service?

If you want to rent a cooling tower, first take the time to learn more about them. Finding out what the common problems and concerns that can occur is a good place to start, but you should also continue from there. First, get familiar with the essential system components in cooling towers and what the purpose of drift eliminators is. From there, find in-depth information about cooling tower fill, as it’s one of the most important components in these systems.

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