4 Signs You Need a Water Treatment System for Your Cooling Tower

Ensuring smooth flow of your production and avoiding costly and extensive damage to your cooling equipment requires proper treatment of the water in your cooling tower. Without it, you risk scaling, fouling, corrosion, and organic growth, all of which can result in costly equipment replacements, plant downtime, and reduced plant productivity.

Reliable companies across San Diego offer comprehensive move ’n’ cool rental services, and reaching out to these specialists is the best way to keep your systems up and running. However, if you’re still wondering whether or not you need a water treatment system, read on and learn more about it.

How do I know if I need a water treatment system?

Proper water treatment is essential for avoiding some common issues that can occur in cooling towers. However, the treatment methods can vary depending on several factors such as the required makeup water, the specific chemistry of the tower, and whether the tower is a closed or open system. Take a look at why you should opt for a water treatment method:

pH levels and alkalinity too low or high

Keeping proper balance of alkalinity and pH levels in the tower water is essential for your processes and equipment. Since the adequate balance varies depending on your water source quality and the system of the tower, it’s best that you consult a specialist. 

However, lower alkalinity or pH levels generally reduces the amount and probability of scaling in the tower. Failing to control these levels can result in fast scale formation as well as equipment corrosion. 

High amount of dissolved solids or hardness

Heavy scaling can also be caused by high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) and hardness. Water evaporation inevitably leads to concentration of solids. However, if blowdown doesn’t properly remove them, or their amount isn’t reduced in the first place by proper water treatment, hardness and solids start building up on elements such as heat transfers and internal piping. 

This can lead to various consequences such as system clog, downtime, and failure, and ensuring proper water treatment is essential for the prevention of these issues.move n cool rental san diego

The presence of microorganisms

Water in cooling towers, especially those with open-recirculating systems, is prone to microbial growth. This can happen when there are favorable conditions that promote bacterial growth and can lead to corrosion, fouling, and other issues within the system. The level of bacteria can depend on the type of your cooling tower and the water source.

Generally, any type of cooling tower can be susceptible to certain types of fungi, algae, and bacteria, even extremely harmful ones such as legionella, which can lead to fatal consequences.

Deficient water supply

Depending on the location of your facility, certain local regulations can limit the amount of water you can draw from the source or how much water you release into the environment. In such circumstances, treating your tower discharge for reuse is particularly beneficial.san diego move n cool rental

Who in San Diego provides high-quality move n cool rental?

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