4 Methods for Enhancing Cooling Tower Efficiency

Depending on the area of industry and the scope of your business, you could require supplemental cooling during your peak season. The best method for resolving your increased requirements is to contact one of Orange County’s top cooling tower rental companies and allow them to install your portable cooling system. However, that still leaves it up to you to do your part in optimizing its operations and enhancing its efficiency as much as possible.

How can I enhance the efficiency of my rented cooling tower?

The first and the most important aspect of renting a portable cooling tower is definitely choosing a company that supplies the most modern solutions. However, the native efficiency of your supplemental cooling system is just the beginning, as there’s a lot you can do to further enhance your cooling tower’s efficiency. Here are several useful methods: cooling tower rental services in Orange County

Customize your water treatment

One of the more important considerations when attempting to enhance your cooling system’s efficiency is to adequately customize your water treatment system to the exact location of your tower, as well as existing weather and climate conditions. A cooling tower requires water of a certain temperature to operate at maximum efficiency and capacity.

What’s more, it’s important to inspect the components of your water supply and treatment solutions. For example, worn out components will negatively affect your water treatment capabilities and your overall system efficiency. Also, consider using water filters to provide better water for your cooling tower without suspended solids, that will also enhance its efficiency.

Understand the system

The water present in the cooling tower and the chemicals you’ll use to treat it behave in a different way depending on the exact materials the portable cooling tower is made of. Some of the materials used when manufacturing cooling towers are fiberglass, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and FRP, or fiber reinforced polyester.

Knowing the internal components and the materials they’re made of allows you to better adjust the tower’s water treatment and intake to its construction type, which results in fewer unnecessary losses in cooling potency, bringing greater efficiency to your operations.

Track water loss

Even the most advanced portable cooling towers gradually lose water over time, either due to blowdowns, leaks, or standard evaporation. That’s why you should invest in a drift eliminator, which greatly reduces the amount of water lost during normal day-to-day operations of your rented cooling tower.

On top of that, you should always closely monitor the amount of water your cooling tower loses, as it can point to an issue with it, for example a hidden leak. From there, it’s important to work on repairing the problem and further reducing unnecessary water loss, which negatively impacts the tower’s efficiency.

Pretreat the water

Finally, you can choose to pretreat the water entering your rented cooling tower, making its operations more efficient and allowing you to spend less money on expensive water treatment chemicals further down the line.

For example, reverse osmosis and ion exchange makes the pipes of the cooling tower less susceptible to scaling and deposits, which negatively affect the efficiency of the cooling tower. Also, pretreating water makes it more efficient at transferring and dissipating heat, which only adds more to the overall operational efficiency. cooling tower rental in Orange County

Who is Orange County’s most reputable cooling tower rental company?

When you rent a cooling tower to supplement your current spike in requirements, it’s important to ensure it operates efficiently. First, you need to adopt good practices that improve the energy management in your cooling tower before enhancing your water filtration system to further boost its efficiency. Finally, you also need to pay attention to the most common problems with cooling towers to resolve them as soon as they appear.

However, partnering with a reputable provider of portable cooling towers for rent remains the most important consideration you should make when supplementing your cooling needs. That’s why you should contact Aerco Systems. We’re the leading supplier of portable cooling solutions in Orange County. It doesn’t matter if your facility is near Mission San Juan Capistrano or another location, our technicians will size, install, and remove your unit. Call us today!