4 Main Reasons for Renting Chillers

The reasons for renting a chiller are varied. Depending on the type of business somebody runs, as well as their current situations, they will contact one of San Diego’s leading portable chiller unit rental companies with different requirements. There are several most common reasons behind business owners deciding to rent a chiller unit, and it is worth knowing what they are because they can affect the type of chiller you rent. Let’s take a closer look.

When should I rent a chiller?

Not every business has a need for investing in their own chiller plant. In fact, many commercial properties opt to rent chillers. This way, they eliminate maintenance costs and storage concerns, as well as the potential problem with the lack of space. Here are the most common situations in which business owners contact chiller rental companies.

San Diego portable chiller unit rental serviceBetter working conditions

Working in warehouses during the sweltering summer months quickly becomes a toiling and tortuous experience. Chillers can quickly address such problems by providing an almost immediate solution to the heat.

Not only does a cooler working environment make your staff more comfortable, it will also make them more productive and satisfied, which will greatly boost your business productivity.

What’s more, by renting a chiller, you’ll get all the benefits of improved working conditions without worrying about the potential costs of maintenance and repairs, making such investment all the more worthwhile.

Event preparation

Organizing a one-off event, be it a monthly occurrence or a yearly happening makes renting a chiller unit the best possible option. Since there isn’t a daily requirement for a chiller, turning to a rental company will allow you to meet the current cooling requirements for your special events without making a capital investment of purchasing a chiller you don’t actually need.

Emergency relief

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be caused by anything from sudden outages to natural disasters. These events are completely unforeseeable, and few businesses will keep a chiller or two on standby for such occurrences.

If your cooling equipment fails due to a malfunction or an outside factor, renting a chiller to temporarily meet your needs is the best possible solution. This will give you time to solve the problem with your current equipment without spending too much money on purchasing new chillers.

Supplemental cooling

Finally, during the hottest of months, certain areas of your commercial space might get hotter than others, which requires additional cooling in those spaces. Renting a portable chiller to provide supplemental cooling in the hottest parts of your building is a good solution for maintaining the same level of comfort without spending too much on new equipment.

San Diego portable chiller unit rentalWho in San Diego provides portable chiller unit rental services?

Knowing more about the main situations in which you should think about renting a chiller is the first step in making your rental choice. You should also know which different types of chillers you can rent, be familiar with how portable and central chillers differ, and be aware that the majority of myths about water-cooled chillers are not true. Then, it’s time to start looking for a reliable rental company to partner with during this process.

Aerco Systems is here to first help you make your decision regarding the chiller to rent, and then do all the associated work. Our specialists will come to your place of business, inspect your commercial property to properly size the chiller, and then install it and set everything up. You can also relax knowing they will come at the end of your rental period and remove the chiller, whether your company is near Torrey Pines State Reserve or at another location. This comprehensive process ensures you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Call us now!