4 Different Types of Chillers for Commercial Use

When you’re preparing to rent a chiller for your facility, there are two important considerations to make – the size of the unit and the type of the unit. While it is best to find reputable water chiller rental experts in San Diego and ask for their assistance, you should still be familiar with the biggest differences among the chillers you can rent. Let’s take a closer look at the main types of chiller systems and their differences.

Why are the different types of chillers?

Chillers are differentiated based on two distinct characteristics – the type of condenser and the mode of operation. We are going to explore what different types of chillers there are based on both of these criteria.

Different chillers based on the type of condenser

When it comes to the type of condenser, there are two main types of chillers – air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. They operate on different principles, and they each have their own benefits. 

Water-cooled chillers

Most water-cooled units use water from external sources, such as a tower, to provide cooling to the gaseous refrigerant located within the condenser. Upon expelling the heat, the refrigerant goes through a phase change and turns into liquid, after which it’s recirculated back into the system. This type of chiller has the following advantages:

  • They tend to have better efficiency than their air-cooled counterparts
  • They are more quiet during operation
  • They are suited for both commercial-scale and small-scale cooling applications

Different Types of Chillers for Commercial Use

Air-cooled chillers

On the other hand, there are chillers that use ambient air in order to reject the heat from the refrigerant located within the condenser. After that, the air undergoes the process of condensation and recirculation through the system. Also, these chillers usually feature fans that speed up the process of cooling. They have the following benefits: 

  • They come in many different sizes suitable for a variety of applications
  •  They tend to be more cost-effective to maintain and install when compared to water chillers
  • The rejected heat can heat the entire facility during colder months

Different chillers based on the mode of operation

Further differentiation between industrial chillers is possible depending on the way the refrigerant is transferred around in the system. Depending on this, chillers can further be categorized as vapor compressor chillers and vapor absorption units. 

Vapor compressor units

These units use compressors to pump the refrigerant that extracts unwanted heat. The components of this type of system include an expansion unit, a condenser, and an evaporator. 

Vapor absorption units

These systems make use of a heat source for transporting the refrigerant to provide cooling. The components of these units are identical to vapor compressor chillers. The only difference is that there is a generator, a pump, and an absorber in place of a compressor. 

Why are the different types of chillers

Who are the leading water chiller rental experts in San Diego?

Choosing between these different types of units when you’re looking to rent a chiller for your business will mostly boil down to your own personal needs and requirements. Or perhaps you’ve heard some unsubstantiated myths about water-cooled chillers that have made you think for a moment. Whatever the case, you should also think about whether to rent a portable or central chiller system before making your final say.

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