4 Common Cooling Tower Problems

Cooling towers are an essential component in the daily operations of your commercial or industrial facility. When there’s a requirement for additional cooling, it’s imperative to contact one of Orange County’s companies that offer temporary cooling rental services. However, that’s not the end and you need to prepare for the potential issues by exploring what some of the most common problems with cooling towers are and how you can prevent them.

What are the most common problems with cooling towers?

Cooling towers can develop certain problems, especially if you neglect to properly maintain and service them. Then, once the issues persist and develop, the cooling tower will develop more severe problems that will greatly hamper its performance, potentially leading to breakages and failures. That’s why it’s important to know more about the issues and prevent them. Orange County temporary cooling tower rental

Inner material corrosion

One of the most common and most serious negative effects water can cause in cooling tower operations is the appearance of corrosion. This is especially true in closed-loop systems, where air bubbles and chlorides will gradually eat away at metals making up your machinery and pipes.

Unfortunately, noticing the first signs of corrosion often means it’s too late to prevent more serious issues. When leaks start to appear it’s usually time to perform more extensive repairs on cooling towers. First, test the water in the system to make sure it has low amounts of potentially harmful chemical compounds. Also, hire professionals to perform regular maintenance.

Surface scaling

Scaling is also a very common issue in different types of cooling towers. Commonly, the reason behind scaling is minerals present in water. The concentration of harmful minerals varies depending on your source of water, making it important to perform the necessary testing and determine the chemical composition of your in-system water.

Scaling occurs as minerals present in water travel and break down, settling on interior surfaces in the cooling tower. This causes the tower to operate at an increased capacity, since all thickening on internal components leads to diminished capacity. Make sure to adjust the hardness of your water to alleviate scaling.

Biological contamination

Numerous problematic biological organisms can form within your cooling tower, ranging from Legionella to E. coli and giardia. Also, biofilms can appear at the surface of the cooling tower’s internal components, negatively affecting its operations. Also, you risk these organisms clogging air filters and causing structural damage to your components. Biocides help eliminate biological contaminants in cooling towers, but make sure to consult experts and choose the right ones.

Excessive noise levels

Sometimes, a cooling tower can develop issues with excessive noise, and there are several potential culprits behind this, such as motors and fans. The solution is to carefully inspect all the internal components and perform regular system maintenance. Orange County cooling tower rental

Which company in Orange County provides temporary cooling tower rental services?

Renting a cooling tower to meet your current rising needs is the final step in a more complex process. First, see what frequent issues you might encounter after renting your solution. Then, gather more information on boosting the efficiency of your cooling tower through implementing an advanced water filtration system. Also, learn how to enhance your energy management to ensure better daily operation of your rented solutions.

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