4 Benefits of On-Site Consultations Before Renting Portable AC

Depending on the type of business you’re currently running, you might require additional cooling during one part of your busy season. It’s at these times that it’s far too better to turn to a company that provides move and cool rentals across Riverside than to permanently increase the capacity of your cooling system and spend unnecessary money. However, know that an on-site consultation is essential when renting portable air conditioning.

Why is on-site consultation important when renting portable AC?

Why is on-site consultation important when renting portable AC

Your property features unique characteristics and requirements, which means that you need a rented air conditioning system that will successfully fit those requirements. Without comprehensive on-site consultations from reputable experts, you cannot hope to rent an AC that will serve your needs. However, there are additional benefits too:


This should always be a top priority when installing supplemental cooling for your industrial or commercial property. First of all, a technician has to carefully inspect your property to determine whether their crew has to follow certain health and safety protocols, such as wearing steel toe boots and hard hats or protective equipment and gloves.

After that, they’ll assess your property and choose the most appropriate location for the rented AC, ensuring the safety of your workforce. Finally, they’ll need to briefly explain the rules of safely handling all the rented cooling equipment to your staff, finalizing the safety requirements that stem from a careful on-site consolation. 


There’s no proper sizing for your portable air conditioning system without an in-depth inspection and on-site consultation. Your technicians need to assess your property, understand its unique challenges when it comes to cooling, and adequately size the unit they’ll install. Only the system of the absolutely right size will provide all the necessary cooling while offering the highest possible degree of energy efficiency.

Entry and exit points

When renting an air conditioning system, there’s one aspect that doesn’t change with the size of the unit, and that’s the entry and the exit points. The hot air has to go out at a suitable location while allowing undisturbed access of cool air into the system and your property. Depending on the type of your unit, there are different ways of successfully establishing this loop.

There are units that operate best when placed somewhere in the interior of your property and which require ducts for transporting hot air outside, while there are also systems placed outside of your building with ducts required to transport cool air inside. Depending on the unit best suited for your property, it’s up to the technician to determine the proper positioning of your unit during an on-site consultation.


Finally, the technician will have the chance to determine the availability of power at your property during their consultation and inspection to determine if there’s sufficient power available for additional air conditioning or if there’s a need for a generator. 

Who performs dependable move and cool rentals across Riverside

Who performs dependable move and cool rentals across Riverside & the area?

Organizing an on-site consultation with a reputable provider of portable AC rental services not only ensures that you receive the most suitable air conditioning system for your requirements but that you also get the greatest degree of energy efficiency during day-do-day operations. What’s more, professionals will determine the size of your portable air conditioner, meaning you’ll get just the right amount of cooling your operations require.

That’s why you should only hire a full-service company such as Aerco Systems. To us, it makes no difference if your commercial or industrial property is near March Field Air Museum or anywhere else in the area. Our technicians will be there, inspect your property, consult with you about your unique needs, perform expert sizing, install and set everything up, and be there at the end of the rental period to remove the system.