3 Ways to Optimize Cooling Tower Operations

Properly maintaining your cooling tower and paying attention to optimizing its operations is vital for maximizing the energy efficiency of your industrial processes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for portable cooling tower rental services in San Diego, or if your cooling tower is part of your facility – you need to ensure it runs efficiently. However, not all property owners are familiar with how to optimize their cooling towers.

How can I optimize my cooling tower?

Even if you’re just renting a cooling tower, optimizing its operations is essential for both maintaining the desired temperatures and lowering the energy consumption during daily facility operations. Here are the three most important ways to ensure your cooling tower is efficient: portable cooling tower rental service in San Diego

Monitor the fill of your cooling tower

The fill, otherwise known as surface or wet deck, serves to maximize the contact area between water and air present in the cooling tower. This, in turn, encourages evaporation and helps maintain lower temperatures in the process. The fill in the cooling tower is covered in wrinkles or ridges, which leaves an open space for the movement of air and water.

You should service and replace the fill periodically to avoid fouling that prevents the volume of air necessary for facilitating heat dissipation. Fouling also makes motors and fans operate at greater capacity, increasing energy consumption.

Select the right equipment

Be mindful of different aspects when choosing a cooling tower to rent. There are many factors that negatively impact the efficiency of a cooling tower, including the limited applicability of chemicals for cleaning the different surfaces of metal cooling towers. This, in turn, increases fouling, which leads to a higher need for regular maintenance and planned shutdowns.

On the other hand, plastic towers are not affected by residual salt and do not sustain damage and fouling from various pollutants. Also, plastic won’t sustain damage from more aggressive cleaning chemicals, allowing you to keep your tower running longer and without shutdowns.

Perform regular inspections

Performing frequent and periodic inspection of the different parameters of your cooling tower’s operations will ensure you’re maintaining optimal operating levels at all times. There are different areas of the cooling tower that require regular inspections, such as: pumps, belts, motors, fans, basins, nozzles, and drains.

For example, loose belts or poorly-working fans prevent smooth system operations, reduce efficiency, and increase costs. Increased water temperature in the system due to any of the components working at reduced capacity makes the entire system work harder, spending more energy and lowering efficiency.

Also, you need to pay attention to buildup of dirt, debris, and minerals. All these deposits will clog different parts of the system, which will lower their operational efficiency and capacity and increase costs. portable cooling tower rental service San Diego

Which company offers a reliable portable cooling tower rental service in San Diego?

Optimizing your cooling tower operations is the final step in the process of renting one for your commercial property. You should first learn more about how cooling towers function and what different types of cooling towers are available to you to choose from. Then, you should look into the important terminology associated with cooling towers. However, you shouldn’t forget the most important thing – finding a reputable company that provides tower rental services.

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