Overcoming Heating Crisis: 2 Most Efficient Temporary Solutions

Integrated heating systems are vital components of many industrial and commercial facilities. They can be directly responsible for the success of the operation as a whole, which is why business owners often go to great lengths to ensure their impeccable functioning.

However, despite their best efforts, integrated systems can still sometimes fail. Whether it’s due to unforeseen circumstances or (seemingly) unrelated events, heating malfunctions can cause the entire operation to grind to a halt.

In these unfortunate situations, finding quick yet effective solutions becomes imperative. With Orange County portable heater rental companies available 24/7/365, achieving this goal is easier than ever, but it still poses the question “Which solution befits which setting?”.

What is the most efficient way to heat a commercial building?

When it comes to commercial buildings, selecting the right heating alternative can be a bit complicated. The reason being a diverse array of settings, as commercial facilities may range from retail stores and small restaurants to entire office complexes and shopping malls. Here are two “opposing” examples to paint a better picture:

  • Office buildings would benefit more from deploying multiple smaller electric heaters, rather than relying on a single centralized unit. The exception here is if the centralized unit can be incorporated into the existing infrastructure, in a way that complements it.
  • Restaurants and similar hospitality facilities could employ a centralized heater for indoor seating areas, as it can be programmed to provide optimal temperature across the board. However, deploying multiple smaller units here would be inefficient and wasteful (as well as aesthetically unappealing).

As you can conclude, the diversity of commercial settings necessitates a strategic approach to selecting heating options. Often, this entails combining several application-specific solutions to ensure optimal effectiveness, both in terms of temperature control and resource efficiency.

Consulting with experts is highly recommended in these situations, as their experience and expertise can help you not only choose the right type of portable heater, but also to accurately size it and deploy it for maximum efficiency.

What is the most efficient way to heat a warehouse?

Warehouses pose unique challenges in terms of heating and cooling, primarily due to the way they’re built. Vast, open spaces paired with high ceilings necessitate the utilization of high-power units that can simultaneously evenly distribute heat throughout the premises.

The logical solution in this situation is an industrial-grade portable heater. These devices are capable of outputting massive amounts of heat in a short time and they have adjustable airflow settings, thereby fulfilling both of the aforementioned criteria.

In addition, mobile industrial heaters are typically powered by diesel fuel or propane, as opposed to electricity. This may look like a downside, specifically due to diesel being the most expensive fuel type on the market today, making operating these units unprofitable.

However, this is a common misconception. While operating costs are somewhat bigger, diesel-powered units are capable of outputting significantly more heat compared to electrical heaters of similar or even bigger sizes, making them not only efficient but cost-effective options as well.

Orange County portable heater rental

Where in Orange County can I find an efficient portable heater rental?

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