Large-Scale Cooling Tower Rental In San Diego

Temporary cooling tower rentals tailored to your needs.

We bring you highly reliable cooling tower rentals

Aerco Systems offers you dependable cooling tower rental services for all your planned, supplemental, and emergency cooling needs in San Diego. Our cooling tower rentals provide a great way to minimize downtime and make sure your facility operates at peak performance.

Our rental services are available 24/7, year round, no matter where you’re located in the area. Our experienced technicians can properly size, install, and remove your cooling tower upon completion of the rental period. Contact us now for all your commercial and industrial cooling needs.

Common uses of cooling tower rental services

At Aerco Systems, we offer cooling tower rental services that can fit a variety of industrial applications in San Diego. Our efficient cooling towers are often used for:

  • Planned shutdowns
  • Unexpected cooling tower failure
  • Supplementing or augmenting cooling tower water flows
  • Providing cooling solutions for scheduled system repairs
  • Process cooling

Versatile portable cooling towers

Aerco Systems can provide you with adequately sized cooling tower rentals in San Diego to meet your planned and emergency industrial cooling requirements. Once you contact us, our expert team will arrive at your location within hours, fully equipped to size and install your cooling tower, as well as remove it once your rental period ends. Convenience and dependability are what makes Aerco Systems the go-to choice for temporary cooling tower solutions in San Diego and the surrounding areas.


Top-quality industrial cooling tower rentals in San Diego

Cooling towers are frequently used to fulfill the HVAC needs of industrial facilities. Cooling tower rental services offered by Aerco can be used for HVAC applications as well as for process duty required in power plants, petrochemical plants, food processing facilities and many other industrial facilities in San Diego. No matter what your exact needs may be, you can depend on us to meet your needs 7 days a week, every day of the year. Contact us now.


Aerco Systems brings you energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling tower rentals across San Diego. Rent your equipment today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Modern cooling towers are advanced heat removal devices that rely on water to transport heat from process waste into the atmosphere. In a cooling tower, heat is removed from water by evaporating a small amount of water circulating through the system. The water temperature is reduced when the cool air passing through the tower and the warm water flowing through the tower mix and exchange heat. 

    Common applications of cooling tower rentals include HVAC applications as well as cooling recirculated water from systems used in manufacturing, chemical plants, oil refineries, nuclear power stations, and thermal power stations. 

    At Aerco Systems, we can provide you with a reliable cooling tower rental for your specific industry needs in San Diego. Our technicians are vastly experienced in sizing, installing, and removing cooling towers from industrial facilities, as well as ensuring their peak performance.

  • Yes, regardless of your in-place cooling tower’s location, Aerco can serve your needs.  With Aerco’s extensive fleet of skid-mounted pumps, high volume hose, and hydronic engineering background, a solution for your facility can be quickly generated.  If your system is down and you need a solution, Aerco can provide one quickly with minimal system downtime.

  • Following determination of the points of connection as well as the location of the power source, our typical installation process can be completed within 1 business day. Oftentimes, when the facility’s mechanical yard is on grade, and the rental equipment can be placed in close proximity, the system can be up and running within 4 to 6 hours.  When hose must be run vertically to an elevated mechanical plant, installation may take longer, but in most cases can be completed in one day.

  • Aerco Systems is at your beck and call whether you are looking for reliable industrial cooling towers or any other convenient HVAC and mechanical rental services across San Diego County. Our offer includes energy-efficient chiller rental units, high-quality HVAC rental systems, and much more. We’ve been in the rental industry since 1978, providing high-quality cooling system rentals to commercial and industrial customers 24/7/365. Contact us now.

  • In terms of the type of air induction used in the system, cooling towers can be divided into three major types: 

    • Natural draft: these cooling towers enclose heated air in a tall chimney, creating a pressure difference between the warm air and the cooler outside air. Because of this, the heated air rises naturally and creates an upward air current through the cooling tower. Natural draft cooling towers are typically located outside of buildings. 
    • Mechanical draft: instead of relying on a pressure difference, mechanical draft cooling towers use a fan to circulate air. There are two main types of mechanical draft towers: induced draft and forced draft. These cooling towers are often more effective than natural draft cooling towers, but tend to consume more energy and cost more to operate. 
    • Hybrid cooling towers: also known as fan-assisted natural draft, these cooling towers are a hybrid between a natural draft setup and a mechanical draft cooling tower. They have thermal efficiencies that go up to 92%. 

    Cooling towers can also be categorized based on their air-to-water flow into crossflow and counterflow cooling towers. No matter which kind of cooling tower rental you are looking for, make sure to contact Aerco Systems and find out more about our services in San Diego.

  • Both natural and forced draft cooling towers rely on evaporative cooling. However, natural draft cooling towers tend to be more dependent on water and air temperature gradients than mechanical draft towers. This means that their efficiency tends to be lower and more variable over time. On the other hand, mechanical draft cooling towers consume more power and are usually more costly to operate.

  • Modern industrial cooling towers have lifespans that range between 15 and 25 years. In many cases, it is more cost-effective for industrial facilities to refurbish or upgrade old cooling towers instead of purchasing a new system.

    In addition, many facilities also choose cooling tower rentals to supplement their cooling needs or provide efficient cooling while their existing system is being repaired or replaced. If you are looking for a cooling tower rental service in San Diego, don’t hesitate to contact Aerco Systems.