Dependable Chiller Rental Service In San Diego

Aerco Systems brings you highly efficient portable chillers for rent.

Enjoy high-efficiency rental chiller units

Aerco Systems is your trusted partner if you are searching for temporary chiller rental services in the San Diego area. We have a comprehensive offer of portable chillers for rent available 24/7, all year round for all your industrial and commercial cooling needs.

Whether you have a chiller that has broken down or doesn’t meet the needs of your property, Aerco Systems can provide you with a reliable and convenient temporary chiller solution. Since 1978, we have gained a reputation as one of the finest chiller rental companies in San Diego and the area. Contact us today to witness the quality of our rental equipment for yourself.

Rental chillers for all your needs

The Aerco Systems chiller rental service can provide you with energy-efficient, eco-friendly and powerful equipment for the following typical applications:

  • Process refrigeration
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Unexpected equipment breakdowns
  • Shortfalls in production
  • Pressure control of storage tanks
  • Shortage of capital funding
  • Inlet air cooling
  • Bottlenecks in production
  • Commercial air conditioning

Convenient portable chillers

Aerco Systems provides properly sized and dependable portable equipment for all your commercial and industrial cooling needs. Whether you need a chiller or a move ‘n’ cool system rental in San Diego, you can rely on our team to be at your location within hours of your call, ready to install your equipment efficiently and expertly. On top of that, we also promise to maintain and remove your chiller rental equipment once you no longer need it.


Versatile industrial & commercial cooling

Our dependable chiller rentals can meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including everything from government entities and major corporations to small businesses and large sporting events. It is our goal to meet your cooling needs promptly and reliably, minimizing downtime and ensuring comfort in your property. We offer emergency chiller rental services 7 days a week, performing the installation, maintenance, and removal with efficiency and professionalism.


Aerco Systems is your trusted choice for expert temperature control in San Diego. Explore our efficient chillers for rent today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Air conditioners and chillers have the same purpose – to cool down the air in your space. However, they achieve this purpose in different ways and are usually found in different settings. 

    Air conditioners are designed for precise regulation of air humidity and temperature. They can be used for both cooling and heating, and use the basic refrigeration principles to regulate temperature. They can vary in size and efficiency, and are usually found in homes, small buildings, offices, and hospitals. 

    Chiller units, on the other hand, use a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle in order to remove heat from a liquid. Once the liquid is chilled, it passes through a system of coils and pipes that cool down the air in the building. Chillers are usually found in various commercial and industrial applications, such as various manufacturing processes, MRI machines, tooling equipment, and assembly processes. They are also often used for cooling down the air in industrial facilities and large venues such as hotels, arenas, factory floors, and so on.

  • In terms of the cooling principle they use, chiller rentals can be divided into two main categories: 

    • Water-cooled chillers are usually located inside the building. The chilled water is recycled into an external heat sink or cooling system that may also include a cooling tower.  
    • Air-cooled chillers are typically installed outside of a facility. They remove heat by relying on fans that force the air across exposed condenser coils. They tend to need more energy than their water-cooled counterparts, but are easier to install. 

    If you need a temporary chiller, whether water or air-cooled, make sure to contact Aerco Systems and explore our rental options in San Diego.

  • Not sure whether you should purchase or rent a chiller unit for your commercial or industrial property? Consider the following advantages or getting a temporary rental chiller in San Diego

    • You can upgrade your cooling system without a big investment. 
    • Portable chiller rentals are easy to install and remove.
    • Repairs and maintenance will be included in your chiller rental service. 
    • You’ll receive rapid response for all your repair and maintenance needs.
    • Renting a chiller is more cost-effective than ownership 
    • There are often tax incentives for companies who rent equipment.
  • The lifespan of industrial chiller units can vary depending on the type and model of the system. Water-cooled chillers tend to last anywhere between 20 and 30 years with proper maintenance, while air-cooled chillers have an average lifespan of about 15-20 years.  

    In order to maximize the lifespan of a chiller, adequate maintenance and proper sizing are a must. If you choose a rental chiller, your unit will be expertly installed and maintained by the leading professionals in San Diego.

  • Aerco Systems is a dedicated company offering high-efficiency HVAC rentals across San Diego, and the surrounding areas. We are known for our vast experience, temperature control expertise, and unswerving commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. 

    Whether you need us to provide you with a convenient move and cool system rental, a high-efficiency rental cooling tower, or eco-friendly HVAC systems for rent in San Diego, or any other heating and cooling equipment for your property in San Diego County, make sure to contact us at your convenience. With services available 24/7 all year round, we are always available to meet your needs. Reach out to Aerco Systems today.