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Cooling tower rentals for all your planned & emergency needs

Since 1978, Aerco Systems has been the go-to choice for cooling tower rental services in Riverside County. We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing energy-efficient cooling solutions for industrial purposes to customers across the area, every day of the week.

Our cooling tower rentals are suitable for both your planned and emergency cooling needs. The Aerco Systems team will come to your Riverside location within hours of your call to install your rental cooling tower and remove it once the rental period is over. Get in touch with us now.

Why use our cooling tower rental service

Aerco Systems is here to provide you with convenient cooling tower rentals for all industrial applications. You can rent a cooling tower in Riverside County for:

  • Scheduled equipment shutdowns
  • Planned maintenance
  • Emergency response
  • Supplemental cooling
  • Process cooling

Portable cooling towers for rent

At Aerco Systems, we offer highly reliable and cost-effective cooling tower rental services to clients across Riverside County. You can have your portable cooling tower installed for nearly any industrial application. After you call us, our expert technicians will come to your location to evaluate your needs, size your cooling tower, and install it following industry standards. Not only that but we’ll also remove your system upon the completion of your rental period.


Cooling tower rentals for all industrial purposes

TThe cooling towers we rent at Aerco Systems can meet the needs of your HVAC system and a wide variety of industrial facilities, from power plants and petroleum refineries to food processing plants. Industrial facilities in Riverside can depend on our cooling tower rental services year round, seven days a week, for all their scheduled and emergency cooling requirements. At Aerco Systems, we strive to provide you with the most convenient, reliable, and energy-efficient industrial cooling solutions.


Aerco Systems is your top pick if you are seeking high-quality cooling tower rentals near you in Riverside. Get in touch now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cooling towers essentially work as a heat exchanger that allows air and water to come into contact with each other and decrease the temperature of the water. A cooling tower uses the principle of evaporative cooling to cool the water circulated through the system. In order to achieve this, cooling towers contain materials, usually sheets made from PVC plastic, to create surface areas that are large enough for the water evaporation to occur. These materials used inside a cooling tower are often referred to as “cooling tower fill”. 

    At Aerco Systems, we offer highly efficient cooling tower rentals in Riverside and the surrounding areas. Our temporary solutions are designed to provide dependable cooling, whether during planned repairs and maintenance or to supplement the cooling capacity of your existing cooling tower.

  • The cooling towers offered by Aerco Systems can be utilized for any application utilizing condenser water. If your manufacturing facility utilizes process cooling served by a cooling tower or fluid cooler, Aerco can provide a temporary solution should your system fail or need to be shut down due to maintenance, repair, or replacement.

    Furthermore, should your mechanical systems utilize condenser water, Aerco’s temporary cooling towers can be utilized as a temporary solution whether that system be an open or closed-loop configuration. Through the use of skid mounted plate heat exchangers and external pumps, Aerco can devise a solution tailored to the needs of your facility and system.

  • Aerco Systems can provide you with portable cooling tower rentals in Riverside County for a variety of applications. Here are some reasons why you’d benefit from renting a temporary cooling tower: 

    • You have experienced unexpected cooling tower failure in your industrial or commercial facility 
    • You need a cooling solution for a planned equipment shutdown 
    • You want to augment and supplement your current system
    • Provide adequate cooling during planned system repairs
  • Industrial cooling tower rentals are used to effectively remove heat from the water that is circulated in an industrial cooling system. Riverside industries that may rely on cooling towers include condenser water cooled HVAC systems, power plants, petrochemical plants, food processing plants, and similar manufacturing facilities. Regardless of the facility in question, a cooling tower rental can ensure optimal cooling performance and minimize expensive downtime.

  • Aerco Systems is a long-standing HVAC and mechanical equipment rental company serving Riverside County and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a portable cooling tower for an industrial facility near Mount Rubidoux, want to rent a temporary chiller unit, or wish to supplement your cooling requirements with a high-efficiency HVAC system rental, you can count on our expert technicians 24/7, year round. We can size, install, and remove your rental equipment upon completion of your rental period with unrivaled efficiency and ease. Reach out to Aerco Systems now.

  • Cooling towers can be located either inside or outside a building. In general, they should be installed near the refrigeration systems they serve, but not below them as the condenser water needs to be able to drain out via a tower basin while the system is down. 

    The location of a cooling tower will also depend on the type of system. For instance, natural draft towers are typically installed outside of a building to allow for proper airflow, while mechanical cooling towers can be installed anywhere inside a building. At Aerco Systems, we work with experienced technicians who will carefully evaluate your specific cooling needs and size your cooling tower accordingly before installing it inside or outside of your industrial facility in Riverside County.