How Water Treatment Systems in Cooling Towers Work

Any type of business stands to gain a lot from investing in cooling infrastructure, from comfort to productivity. However, if an industry relies upon it to function at all, then that system must operate without a glitch, and a water treatment system is one way to ensure it.

However, before you choose among the sea of Move’n Cool rentals in San Diego, it is imperative to know the ins and outs of how a water treatment system functions. This is essential knowledge that will ensure you pick the cooling tower type that will suit your business’s exacting needs and standards.

How does a water treatment system work?

The water treatment system is an integral and invaluable part of a cooling tower. Its purpose is to eliminate the impurities from the water which, in turn, eliminates some of the most common problems resulting from poor water treatment

In doing so, the cooling system as a whole becomes more efficient, reliable, and longer lasting. The water treatment system makes these benefits possible through several steps:

  • Pre-treatment;
  • Treatment;
  • Post-treatment (additional treatment).

Pre-treatment: Intake treatment

Water drawn into the system often contains impurities in lesser or larger amounts, depending on the source quality. The majority of said impurities will be eliminated during the Chemical treatment phase. Therefore, this step boils down to:

  • Water softening, and/or;
  • Adjustment and stabilization of the pH value.

It is important to note that this step is optional. The need for treatment at this point will entirely depend on the quality of water entering the system. However, while optional, it is highly advisable. Chemicals for water treatment are quite expensive. Therefore, getting rid of at least some impurities early on can result in great savings further down the line.

Treatment Phase

The real water treatment begins after intake treatment. It usually consists of 3 stages, depending on the water purity and specific end purpose:

Water Filtration and Ultrafiltration

The purpose of filtration is to remove dirt (sediment) particles from the water and some types of organic matter. Ultrafiltration (UF) pushes the same principle further, allowing only the smallest particles to pass through the filter. Therefore, it offers even greater effectiveness and, by inference, more protection in the later stages of the process.

Water Softening/Ion Exchange

Water softening is used if water is high in mineral content. This process removes minerals (or rather, dissolves them temporarily), such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Chloride, vastly reducing the amount of scale buildup and rusting risk over time.

Chemical Treatment

At this stage of the process, various chemicals are added to the water for various purposes:

  • Anti-corrosives neutralize acidity, thus preventing rusting and protecting metal components;
  • Scale inhibitors prevent scale from building on various parts of the system, such as fittings and pipes;
  • Biocides (pesticides and antimicrobial agents) are used to prevent biofilms from forming by eliminating responsible algae and microbes.

Post-Treatment Phase

The purpose of post-treatment is to recycle a certain amount of water and reintroduce it into the cooling system. This is done via two processes:

  • Side-Stream Filtration: Since it is impossible to have 100% pure water, the amount that goes through a cooling system will need some filtration after exiting. Fortunately, not as much as in previous steps.
  • Blowdown: Eliminates waste and allows the recovery of pure water (to an extent) for recirculation.

As a final note, your cooling tower does not have to have all of these treatment systems. The exact configuration will depend on your specific needs and the system’s end purpose.

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