How to Choose a Portable Chiller

When your business in Riverside County requires supplementary cooling either due to planned maintenance, unplanned breakdown, or capacity increase, portable chiller rental is your best option. They’re more than capable of providing the cooling you need for the necessary time period. However, this also requires you to choose the most suitable type of portable chiller unit that will suit the specific requirements of your business, and that requires some research. 

How do I choose a portable chiller?

Portable chiller rental provides a temporary option to your cooling needs without having to purchase an entire expensive cooling system. Although compact, they are able to adequately perform in rigorous industrial conditions. However, that’s only true if you choose the right portable chiller for your particular needs. Here’s how you can do that:

Coolant temperature

Coolant temperature describes the lowest possible temperature the liquid in the chiller can reach. The lower the coolant temperature, the more efficiently the chiller can cool. Also, lower coolant temperatures allow the system to absorb more heat.

Heat load

Heat load indicates the amount of heat generated by your industrial processes. Higher heat loads indicate that the portable chiller you want to rent has to be more powerful to provide the cooling you need. 

Coolant pressure & flow

The pressure and flow of the coolant indicate the system’s capacity for removing heat. Coolant flow rate equals the heat load of your system divided by the specific gravity of the cooling liquid and the temperature change. The diameter of the piping determines the coolant pressure. 

Heat dissipation

Two main types of portable chillers – air and water chillers, dissipate heat using different methods. Your requirements will determine the type of chiller you choose to rent. 

What is the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled chillers

What is the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled chillers?

Chillers remove heat from loads and transfer that heat into the environment through an advanced refrigeration system. This makes chillers the preferred choice for cooling in many industrial environments. There are two main types of chillers – air-cooled and water-cooled units.

Water chillers use cooling fluid that circulates from a reservoir where it’s cooled to the equipment that needs cooling. Air chillers disperse heat by using strong fans. These are the basic operating principles, and there are more important differences between air and water chillers.

Water-cooled chillers

These chillers tend to be more efficient because their condensing capacity depends on the wet ambient bulb temperature. The lower the condensing temperature, the more efficient the chiller. Additional benefits of water-cooled chillers are small size, and better adaptability to indoor installations. The main components of water chillers are:

  • Cooling tower
  • TES reservoir
  • Chiller
  • Make-up water pumps
  • Condenser pumps

Air-cooled chillers

Air chillers implement a current of ambient air for dissipating the heat from the system, which makes them better suited for use in less demanding environments. Some of the biggest benefits of air-cooled chillers are:

  • Absence of cooling towers
  • Enhanced environmental stability
  • Easier operations
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Absence of water-related utility costs

Which company in Riverside County should I hire for dependable portable chiller rental

Which company in Riverside County should I hire for dependable portable chiller rental?

Choosing a portable chiller means you have to gain more information about portable chillers. First, learn the differences between chillers and air conditioners. Then, find out more about where portable chillers are used, and explore the various applications of air and water-cooled chillers. Once you’ve gathered the necessary information about chiller units, it’s time to choose the one you need and find a reputable provider of portable chillers for rent.

Luckily, you can always rely on Aerco Systems – your reliable partner for portable chiller rental units. It doesn’t matter where in Riverside County your business is – our technicians will arrive at your location, inspect your property, size the chiller you need, install it, and then return to remove it when your rental period ends. Our comprehensive approach to chiller rental ensures maximum efficiency and performance of your unit. Give us a call today!