How Chillers Enhance Industrial Operations

Efficient and effective cooling systems are an absolute imperative in industrial facilities since it ensures the optimal functioning of both equipment and processes. One of the critical components of that infrastructure is a chiller unit, whose main function is to regulate the temperature and prevent overheating.

With that being said, it is easy to draw a parallel between industrial chillers and common HVAC units, since the way they work is relatively similar. However, this also begs the question: “Can standard and emergency chiller rental systems that San Diego companies provide serve as AC units?” Let’s find out!

Are chillers used for air conditioning in industrial facilities?

This is not common knowledge, but chillers are indeed often used for air conditioning in industrial facilities. Most notably, they excel in pharmaceuticals, food processing, manufacturing, and data centers, since these industries have incredibly strict rules and regulations when it comes to temperature and humidity, as well as the way how it’s maintained.

This is exactly where chillers leave common HVAC systems in the dust. Said industrial facilities often demand larger and more complex cooling systems than those we can usually find in commercial or residential buildings (which HVACs can easily serve).

The key difference, however, is that chillers can do the same job much more efficiently in virtually all environmental conditions, with lower maintenance requirements, and with much simpler supporting infrastructure.

How do chillers cool industrial buildings?

Chillers work by using various refrigerant compounds to remove the heat from the liquid that circulates through the system, which is then used to cool the air and the equipment. Granted, this is a gross oversimplification, as different types of chillers may use a different approach for the same effect, as follows:

  • Air-cooled chillers use air to dissipate heat from the system. They are typically less efficient than other types, but are easier to install and maintain;
  • Water-cooled chillers use water as a coolant, which is more efficient than the air and by a margin. However, they require the addition of a cooling tower to dissipate heat, which increases the complexity and price of the system;
  • Evaporative chillers use both water and air to cool the liquid, making them the most energy-efficient option. However, they are not suitable for every climate as inadequate conditions may drastically reduce their effectiveness.

From the above, we can easily deduce that not every chiller will be suitable for every industry or the same facility type.

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How do I choose the right chiller type for my industrial facility?

Every chiller type has its own advantages and disadvantages. As such, the factors you should consider when choosing a system should encompass:

  • The size of the building is one of the most significant factors, as larger facilities require more cooling power than smaller ones;
  • The type of equipment that requires cooling is absolutely essential. Different types of machinery generate varying amounts of heat and some industries demand precise temperature and humidity control to operate properly;
  • The climate of the area is the final critical factor. Hot and humid climates often require a chiller with a higher cooling capacity to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels, whereas in colder climates a less powerful chiller would suffice.

Other significant factors that you should consider are maintenance requirements, noise levels, and the initial cost of equipment and setup. For best results, it is highly recommended to consult with cooling system specialists in the San Diego area, as their guidance and advice can prove invaluable for making an informed decision that will benefit you for years to come.

Which company offers reliable emergency chiller rental in San Diego?

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