Air Coolers vs Humid Climates: Finding the Perfect Solution

When the sweltering heat of summer arrives, finding a reliable cooling solution becomes a top priority. Especially so in industrial settings, where heavy machinery can kick up the Fahrenheits to unbearable heights.

In this instance, combating the heat is imperative but, also, quite a formidable challenge, as the relentless combination of high temperatures and moisture can severely hamper productivity and jeopardize the well-being of workers.

Therefore, the logical question is: “Can outdoor cooling system rental help you conquer the heat and optimize productivity in the humid climate of Orange County, or are you better off searching for an alternative?” Let’s find out!

Do air coolers work in humid climates?

Air coolers operate on a simple yet effective principle of evaporation, which is why they are also known as “evaporative coolers”. These devices use water to cool the air, mimicking the refreshing feeling of a sea breeze.

But, how do they fare in humid climates? Surprisingly, evaporative coolers can really hold their own and provide a welcome relief even in areas with high moisture levels, albeit with some limitations.

In humid environments, the cooling efficiency of air coolers decreases since the air already contains a significant amount of moisture. However, they can still lower the temperature, making them a viable option for combating the heat.

What impacts the effectiveness of air coolers in humid climates?

Several factors can affect the performance of outdoor air coolers, the most impactful ones being:

  • The humidity level of the area. As it increases and reaches extreme values, the effectiveness of coolers decreases in proportion.
  • The size and capacity of the air cooler. Larger and more powerful units will fare better in extreme conditions.
  • Proper maintenance. Units that are regularly serviced by certified technicians stand a better chance against heat, even in highly humid environments.

What is the best cooling system for humid climates?

While air coolers can work well and even excel in humid climates, there are other cooling systems that present a viable alternative, most notably:

  • Dehumidifiers are highly effective in reducing the excess moisture in the air, thereby creating a more comfortable indoor environment. By removing the humidity, these devices can enhance the effectiveness of other cooling systems, making them an excellent pairing option for coolers.
  • Air conditioners, particularly those equipped with humidity control features such as split ACs, are an excellent choice for humid climates. They can cool and dehumidify the air simultaneously, creating a comfortable and dry indoor atmosphere.
  • Combined systems integrate the features of both air coolers and air conditioners, providing the advantage of cooling and dehumidification, making them another excellent choice for humid climates.

Finally, there’s one last thing you’ll need to consider when choosing which AC to buy or rent. While all of the aforementioned options work well for their respective purposes, the ultimate effectiveness will mostly depend on the specific needs of your industry, so plan ahead and plan accordingly.

Do air coolers work in humid climates

Where can I find a reliable outdoor cooling system rental in Orange County & near me?

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