Problems Caused by Drift Loss in Cooling Towers

In today’s industrial and commercial settings cooling towers play a crucial role in ensuring optimal working conditions for the workers and the equipment. Essential as they are, cooling towers require regular maintenance to minimize issues that may impede their efficiency and endanger the well-being of both people and the surrounding environment.

One of the biggest issues caused by cooling towers is drift loss. Drift is a mist composed of a mixture of water and chemicals produced by cooling towers. Chemicals in cooling tower drift are hazardous to the living world and require professional attention from specialists in cooling towers. If you’re interested in cooling tower rental in Orange County, today’s post will elaborate on the problems related to drift loss.

What is drift loss?

Essentially, drift loss is one type of water loss in a cooling tower. Water droplets that escape the cooling tower are called drift loss. Drift loss should not be confused with water lost due to evaporation or blowdown. It’s expressed in units of lb per hour or the percentage of circulating water flow. Cooling towers use drift eliminators to control and reduce the amount of drift loss. Good drift eliminators will maintain a loss rate below the .001% threshold of the re-circulating water flow rate. 

What problems does drift loss cause?

Understanding which problems you are going to face with cooling tower drift loss will help you deal with the issues before they get out of hand. Whether it’s monetary expenses or the well-being of your workers, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what the challenges are. 

Increased expenses

As the price of water keeps going up due to the increasing prevalence of water shortages, businesses will look to curtail drift loss because it equals money lost. Cooling tower design plays a crucial role in determining the amount of drift loss. Modern cooling towers have top-mounted fans with velocity accelerator fan stack cylinders which are used to improve air circulation and stop drift from gathering at the top of cooling towers.

What problems does drift loss causeCorrosion

This may seem like a small problem, but it’s a costly one. While some metals handle water exposure better than others, most are susceptible to water damage and will have to be replaced after a certain amount of time. A combination of chemicals and water mist will lead to rust on some parts of the cooling tower. With time, the damage will spread and become visible. If left untreated, damage can spread to the surroundings and cause issues with equipment and other facilities in the vicinity of the cooling tower.

Grime, sludge & slime

While not as costly as corrosion, grime and slime can cause significant losses and a drain on valuable resources. Cooling towers cause a build-up of dirt, algae, and slime that are not only an eye sore and source of contagious microorganisms but can also clog the system and decrease its efficiency. Regular maintenance and seasonal cleanings are crucial to minimize deposits of dirt and disruptions to the normal functioning of the cooling tower. 

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